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Reactions flood Mercy Eke’s Instagram Page AFter she Displayed Her Exquisite Collection Of High-End Fragrance

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Mercy Eke, a well-known reality TV personality and businesswoman from Nigeria, has displayed her exquisite collection of high-end fragrances, which is said to be valued at an astounding N900 million.

The brand influencer, who is well-known for her opulent lifestyle, is seen flaunting some of her most valuable items in a video that has gone viral. She is seen going through her wardrobe, which is stacked with rows of perfume bottles.

She started spritzing some of the scents all over her body with joy.

Social media users’ responses to the film were mixed; some praised Eke for her accomplishments and her freedom to follow her passions.
Some questioned the necessity of spending so much money on perfume and questioned the collection’s actual value.

Check out the video below:

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