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“Do I Look Like I Give a F***” – Buba Girl Makes First Post on TikTok Weeks After Her Videos Went Viral, People React (Watch)


After a period of deafening silence, Esther Raphael, widely known as The Buba Girl on TikTok, has broken her social media hiatus.

This is coming weeks after the unfortunate leak of her private video, which caused a stir among her followers and netizens.

In a recent TikTok post, Esther made her comeback official. She shared a video of herself dancing and confidently addressed her haters, making it clear that she was not fazed by their comments about her personal life.

With a strong message, she wrote,

Tell a friend to tell a friend that I’m here to stay.”

Her bold and resilient attitude has garnered admiration from her fans and supporters.

Netizens have reacted to Esther’s return, expressing their support and excitement for her comeback.

Many have applauded her for standing up against the negativity and refusing to let the incident define her online presence.

The Buba Girl has always been known for her fun-loving personality, and her fans are thrilled to see her back, spreading positivity and entertaining them with her content.

@That Girl N said:

“Welcome back. Learn from your mistake life goes on.”

@Umar Farua said:

“@THE BUBA GIRL you don’t reply our comments anymore.”

@Margaret John said:

“Who else noticed she’s looking prettier.”

@cee boy555 said:

“Them suppose give you award. Cos ya strong.”

@someone reacted:

“She’s back like she never left!”

@Foreigner mirror commented:

“Sometimes things happen to make u strong go girl.”

@Ada Gift said:

“She’s here to stay! Period.”


“You’ve Been Missed Dear.”

@kvngpresh30 said:

“I love this courage.”

Watch the video below:

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