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Beautiful Asian lady flaunts her natural backside in new video (Watch)

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Polish 20230726 083710557

Are Busty Women More Promiscuous?

Breasts, of course, are for producing milk to feed babies, and yet the females of other mammal species rarely sport such ponderous protuberances, even when they’re lactating for an entire litter.

Furthermore, studies show that, even among humans, breast size isn’t correlated with either the quantity or quality of milk that mothers produce.

. None of these facts, then, explains why women have protruding breasts, or why men find them so sexually enticing.

Plenty of evolutionary theories have been proposed in an attempt to explain this conundrum. One theory is that large breasts are an honest signal of health: That is, only women in exceptionally good health can build and support these heavy appendages.

Another theory is that they signal fertility, in that the fat stored within them demonstrates they have ample biological resources for making and feeding babies. And a third theory is that they evolved to signal a willingness to engage in casual sex as opposed to pair-bonding

However, watch this video below to see how a lady shows off her chest


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